Each activity listed above is planned and organized to enhance various phases of a preschooler's learning.  As an example, block play encourages both fine and gross motor skills but also provide cognitive benefits.  This play strengthens the understanding of space, ability to problem solve and even engage in social and language skills as they "play".  It is part of the foundation to math and for understanding cause and effect. 


On Wednesdays and Fridays, the Dramatic Play area and the Art Room are open and all centers are available to the children during this time.  Because only the Four Year Old Pre~Kindergarten Classes are here, we also have more upper level pre~reading and pre~math activities open and available.


During this time, emphasis is placed upon learning to make choices and decisions.  There will not be another time in their academic careers when attention is paid to this lesson.  Each of the activities listed above concentrates on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognition, social skills, positive reinforcement, and independence, only to name a few.  Another important area of concentration here is time management. The children soon learn how to participate in as many activities as they find interesting during this part of the day and before clean-up time.  Time management practiced here is a life's lesson learned at this very formative time.  Our play at Berkeley Hills Preschool is hard work, but so much fun.